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Item No.: HYD-4503

Multi-function Rechargeable Electronic Mosquito Swatter with 3 LED on the handle,7 LED as a torch

Charge Voltage: 110V or 220-240V for option.

Charge time:8-12 hours.Not more than 15 hours

3 Layers mesh

With illumination


Color: upper racquetred,blue,yellow,green,orange




Packing option

(A)1pc/color Blister bag.


Gross weight:7.5kg

625ctn/20ft container

1290ctn/40ft container

1515ctn/40hq container


(C)1pc/sonic sealed clamshell packing


Gross weight:10kg

350ctn/20ft container

720ctn/40ft container

820ctn/40hq container


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